Professional electrologist directories

Finding a good practitioner can be tricky.

I recommend starting your search at the American Electrology Association site. It’s no guarantee they’re good, but it increases the chances:

SCMHR site:

Just a little note about cruising these listings. When looking in these listings (AEA listing EXCLUDED) the number of letter jumbles after a person’s name will show how many separate tests the person has taken. Although this still doesn’t prove one better than another, it does show that the person has shown book knowledge on more than one occasion and has to maintain these pieces of “alphabet soup” on a continuing basis, or renew them at least once every 5 years.

In short, someone who is an LE, RE, CCE, CPE has taken four different tests and traveled great distances to do so, I might add, and has at least a grasp of the theory behind the concept of electrology. That at least gives some hope that they have mastered the practical points of hands on treatment. (By the way, that would make that person a Licensed Electrologist, Registered Electrologist, Certified Clinical Electrologist, Certified Professional Electrologist. That’s a lot of test fees and travel)

The credential CME, although it stands for Certified Medical Electrologist, actually means that one has passed a test on laser hair removal. The only reason this credential can be taken into account when judging ELECTROLOGY practice is when one considers the practitioner had to have either a CCE, or CPE already in order to take that test in the first place.

On the other hand, it also means this practitioner will probably be more interested in steering you towards laser work than just allowing you to do all your treatments in plain old electrolysis even if your mind is made up that this is what you want to do. Not a value judgement, just a fact that even if you say you want all your work done in electrolysis, most CME’s will not sign on to do that.

Finally, the reason the AEA listing is not good for this particular thing (knowing who has dozens of alphabet soup packets after her, or his name is because the AEA only allows the CPE credential to be acknowledged in any of their publications, or sites. This means that it would not matter if one had every electrology credential in the world, they would only list the CPE after your name. It also means, that if one had everything BUT the CPE one’s listing in the AEA publications would just show your name and address, as if you had not passed any tests on the subject.

Now don’t you know much more about that now? :grin:

James W. Walker VII, CPE
Buffalo NY

Thanks for the clarification, James!

Being the Recording Secretary to the Ontario
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Federation of Canadian Electrolysis Associations
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