Professional advice needed re: education

I am a licensed esthetician in Colorado and would like to become an electrologist. Any recommendations on schools would be appreciated. Would I need to do an “internship” once I got my training? Also, I will be moving to NY in February, which besides CO does not require licensing, so how many hours should I enroll in a course for: 120, 300, or 600 hours (which seems to be what is offered at schools I’ve checked online), should I take the minimum and look for that intership type position? Any advice would be appreciated.

A good program would teach you well enough that you would not need an internship, however, many people have complained that they needed an internship to really know what they were doing even after school. Many people hiring electrologists out of school have complained about having to do lots of hands on work with people who have been through schools and graduated with good grades.

Since you will be practicing in CO and NY, I would suggest that you first look into doing an internship, and do a school if you can’t find an intership. Even then, try to find a good school, but sometimes the best schools are just too far away to be practical. After all, you should not have a problem finding someone to train you in the state of CO, because you won’t be their competition – you are moving more than half way across the country!

What part of NY are you moving to?

Thanks for your response. I’ll be moving to Long Island sometime in February. Where are you at?

I am a long way from Long Island, in Buffalo NY. You will find that the Berkowits School is in Forrest Hills Queens, (near Shae Stadium) and there are many electrologists in the NYC area. However, if I were you, I would see about getting some training from CO area practitioners prior to coming to New York State.