problems with plucking facial hair

hey guys,
i pluck my upper lip hair, which has been going ok but sometimes i don’t think it’s too clean. hmm and once i got mixed up with the peach fuzz that grows on the side of my face with my eyebrow hair so i accidentally plucked some of it. =\ i think it’s a bit thicker. ahhh i don’t know what to do, i don’t want it to get worse but i don’t want it to be seen like that. with a rotary epilator it would be like a lot of tweezers pluckig it out which wouldn’t be any better huh? (i recently bought one and shall be trying it out on my arms when i have time) should i get my face threaded? i’m stuck. also, for some reason or another trimmed my nose hair and so i had to pluck some that were sticking out. i really don’t want to keep plucking it, but i read in this forum how it’s bad and same with the side peace fuzz hair…i want to get rid of it…temporarily i guess for now. =( i have a bit of hair growing under my eyes too, but i don’t care that much about it. i don’t know, i just want to get rid of/make less noticeable of those facials hair temporarily for now, but not make it worse if that’s even possible.

being hairy sure lowers your self-confidence and being in high school right now, i care more about this kind of stuff. =( thank you for anyone who can me help me out! have a good day.

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Browneyes, plucking is not fun, and it may cause problems if you do it for long periods of time. A lot of us have hair exactly where you do. I don’t know how your money situation is, but you might consider electrolysis, especially for the upper lip. Be sure to go to someone really good. At your age, getting a permanent treatment will save time and money in the long run.

Permanent treatment eh? Sounds good. My dad told me that he would take me to Taiwan in the summer after my senior year, where it is cheaper to do laser. I know I should probably be discussing this in the laser forums, but since I am I already on the topic…would laser work well on upper lip hair area/facial hair like electrolysis would? It seems it’s more common for that area to be done by electrolysis. Just wondering. I looked around the hairfacts site and hairtell forums and so I see that electrolysis seems to last longer than laser so far.

Quick question because I am worried. For now I am still plucking my upper lip hair, so how would I prevent ingrowns? =\ I recall from previous experience how awful it would be to have ingrowns above my lip. Thank you! Kudos to your helpful advice above as well.

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I would avoid LASER treatment on the face because it can lead to permanent eye damage if you accidentally have some of the LASER energy hit you in the eye(s).

Electrolysis has been shown to be permanent, and esp. in sensitive areas like the upper lip, it can also be far less traumatic for the skin.

I would suggest you would see real benefits from a treatment of Electrolysis, and you can start now… an hour here, an hour there, and before you know it, the hair will be gone.

Good luck, I know it can be a real problem at your age to be ‘different’ to the other kids, but there is hope and a positive, permanent solution out there for you.


thanks for your useful input, IHH!

one question though…what about nose hair? it’s just that on my right nostril some are sticking out (my other is just fine). like if you look to the side, you can see it and so it shouldn’t be there. it was a result of me trimming it on accident a long time ago so i’m worried that trimming will make it worse. =\ so i’m scared of plucking it because of possible infection and i have plucked some of it that are more on the outside…but it doesn’t seem to change anything much. has anyone done laser or electrolysis on nose hair? would it be a high risk of infection though?

any of your 2 cents on this would be greatly appreciated. =) thanks!

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I to am interested in knowing if anyone successfully accomplished using the hair removal method of electrolysis on the inside of there nose. thanks

hey there brown eyes…let me give you a teeny bit of advise…i am a 33 yr. old female who has been dealing with a hairy chin,lip,browline and even nostril hair…i am doing it the electrolysis way since waxing, threading and plucking worsened it all…i think that that is your best bet.laser does not seem to be permanent either…my cousin did it and now all of her black hairs are long and blonde…as far as the nose hair thing…try to shave them with the brow razors that they sell at the beauty suppy store…but be careful…DO NOT PLUCK ANYMORE…just shave of any hairs that you see because supposedly it wont change the growth of the hair this way at all while plucking messesssssss it all up 4 u…good luck…mimi :fearful: