problems with laser removal?

I just had my 2nd treatment and have about 500 1st and 2nd degree burns from the top of my thigh to my ankle on the front of my leg…too soon to know if there will be permanent scaring…has anyone had a similar experience? What are the legalities? Who do you call?

Any help would be greatly appreciated…

Mz Burnz

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you need to call the center that did the procedure first. there should be a doctor who can prescribe a cream to help with the healing. see how helpful they are, if not, i would definitely report it. also, they need to know so that they can turn down the settings next time. whatever they’re using is obviously too high for your skin tone.

Thanks…I did go back to the clinic yesterday and saw a PA, they were out of the silver sulfadiazine she wanted to use, so only put Bacitracin on it…nothing I wasn’t already doing. She felt, however, that they were bad enough and so many that she referred me to a Hyperbaric Clinic that is a new treatment for burns.

I had paid in advance for 5 sessions, at first they were only going to refund the 3 I hadn’t used, but when they looked at the 100’s of burns on my leg they decided not to charge me for my 2nd session that caused the problem. There won’t be a next time. I would never take this risk again.

I sent an email to the nurse who was the technician on the job to see if he had contacted his technical support person, as far as I know he has not done so…he had problems during the session and did something different for this segment. He claims he did not change the setting, but I think he may have changed a nozzle? Would that make a difference?

I have a call in for legal advice. The 100’s of red, swollen, oozing burns on my leg make it look a lot like hamburger and like the ones on the website where the woman was scarred permanently.

Anyone else had a bad experience?


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can you find out what laser was used and at what settings? also, what’s your skin type? it’s helpful to know these things for the tech who was treating you so they can adjust and not do this to others as well as figure out if you have a good case when reporting this. we can let you know if they’re outrages or if the laser they were using shouldn’t even have been used on you. it’s good that you’re at least getting refunded. it’s unfortunate that there are people out there operating laser machines with no knowledge of how to do it properly. there is no risk if things are done right and the person knows what they’re doing. it sucks that this happened to u. they shouldn’t have been operating the laser. an experienced person would have noticed that it’s burning your skin DURING the treatment as well and would have stopped and adjusted the settings, or fixed the cooling system if that was the problem. was it painful? did they use a numbing cream and that’s why you didn’t feel it much?