Problems shaving leg hair

Hi, my name is Alex, I am new to these forums, my boyfriend showed them to me. I’m a male to female transsexual with no treatment done to my body. At the moment I am shaving my legs using a very good shaving creme and razor, but the problem is that the hair stumps (below skin level most of the time) seem to be very stiff and even the slightest temperature change can cause ‘bristling’ and an unpleasant itching and ‘crawling’ sensation. Sometimes I find it very distracting, but I can’t stand to let the hair grow back.

I’m sure this has been asked before but does anybody know anything that I should read or techniques I should know about?

Also, I’m hopefully planning on getting electrolysis etc in the US (my boyfriend lives in Durham NC, but I’m from England), and can anyone give me a ballpark price on that? I have a very feminine figure but unfortunately my leg hairs are rather strong.

Thanks in advance.

You need to remove it from the root, by waxing or epilating, or if you can afford it, get your legs lasered. Men’s hair grows quicker and thicker than most women, so you will not be able to keep your legs smooth with a razor, no matter how good a razor. Plus, you are right, when you get “goose bumps”, the hairs stand up, and feel very rough. A hint is after you turn off the water in the shower, you will get a bit chilled, which will produce this effect: shave again quickly those spots where you feel the hairs, and that will help, as it is a “closer” shave. Also, the Woman’s Venus Vibrance is the best body shaver made, so that too will help you shave closer. Unfortunately, for you, for the most part women can shave their legs less often than men, and still feel smooth. Though, I know women who say they must shave twice a day to keep their legs smooth, so there you go. If you remove the hair, you will be much happier, your legs will be silky smooth, as good as any woman’s. I’ve recently begun using an Emjoi Opti Max, and am very pleased, while some parts of the legs were painful the first time, it gets better. With patience, you will get very smooth legs, and they will stay that way for a while. Once you’ve gone through a few growth cycles, I think your legs would stay very nice for some time with this approach.

Good luck.