problems finding electrologist....also need referral help

Ok, I’ve checked out most everyone in Albuquerque. The first place I went to, as soon as I laid down on the table, the electrologist started in with a sales pitch. First she wanted to wax my bikini area…?? I said no, I came for electrolysis and I want electrolysis there…she was pretty insistent I needed to be waxed. Then she wanted to dye my eyebrows black…I’m a pale blonde with very fair skin…so I told her I’d look ridiculous with dyed eyebrows and that I didn’t want any service but electrolysis. Then she tried to sell me on having my eyebrows permanently tattooed black and was trying to sell me on permanent eyeshadow. Grrr…meanwhile, she was plucking pubes like a wildwoman, just enough current to let me know I’d been shocked then - pluck. I stopped the treatment and left. I’m so glad I’d had electrolysis before and knew what to expect. I shudder to think of all the people who don’t know better and get ripped off there.

Strike two: The electrologist was very friendly, but her machine was pure torture. I’ve sat through as much as 4 hours at a time before, yet it was all I could do to handle 15 minutes with her machine, and I have a high pain tolerance.

Strike 3: I found an electrolgist I really like, she gives good treatments. However, I want the full bikini area done…a brazilian. And she’s just unwilling to clear the entire area. So as I’m nearing completion on all the areas she does feel comfortable with, I’m looking for another practitioner.

I’ve called everyone in the phone book. It seems most who’ll do ‘all over’ electrolysis just aren’t able to guarantee more than half an hour a week. And since I work odd hours, scheduling is a problem too. I need someone with flexible hours.

If anyone knows of someone good in the Albuquerque area, please let me know. If not, I’m willing to fly somewhere if I could get enough time in for full clearance each time I go. This is really a priority for me.


It is very good that you shop around for the best electrologist, as you can tell yourself. I personally think that most just lack constructive education and just don’t care to make sure that what they’re doing actually works. They probably have the misconception that since they’re using an electrology machine, then what they’re doing must be electrolysis. I just doesn’t go into my head that one will maliciously pluck someone’s hair in order to keep them coming back. (I’m not even mentioning that they’ll eventually make more money by being honest and effective in the long run.) It always gives me such satisfaction to look at the area I’ve just cleared and think what good job I’ve just done. It makes me feel so accomplished that puts on on the verge of wanting just to works for free. I’m sure everyone feels this way whenever they accomplish good results, and their efforts pay back.

I do hear time and agin about electrologists purposely giving bad treatments, and it throws me of to the point when I’m almost willing to deny that such eveil exists. I’ve been a victim of bad treatments too, so I’m particularly sentitive to this issue.

As far as your treatment goes:
It is not easy to treat the whole private area at once. You will have a lot of skin reaction and you will be cursing the whole idea before you’re quarter way done. It, of coarse, depends on how much hair and how dense it is, but it’s worth it for you to take it slower rather being unable to sit or walk freely. Another point is, that your electrologist of choice will probably require hospitalization a couple of hours into the treatment. Privates is a hard area to treat and the human back can take just so much.

It may be a more viable idea for you to wax the area and treat the hairs as they’re coming in. The benefits of this include you being smooth right away (as long as the electrologist is able to catch up to the growth (not so easy)), you’re be treating only early growth stage hairs that are more voulnerable to treatment and you’ll be able to stick with your local electrologists.

Good luck!

I don’t think I made myself very clear, now that I re-read what I wrote earlier. I’m getting the bikini area cleared, and I’m now to the point where I can easily go once every 2-3 weeks and just clear up strays in the area I’ve had treated. But I want the ‘whole enchilada’ cleared, and my electrologist doesn’t feel comfortable clearing certain areas…if that makes sense. So now I’m looking for someone to finish the job, to get the small area that hasn’t been treated.

When I started getting electrolysis, I was on the other side of the country. I’ve only been here for a few months, so I had to start from scratch finding an electrologist.

That’s why I was saying that if I can’t find anyone here, I’d be willing to fly somewhere if I could get in an a couple of hours and get clearance and just do it that way. The longer treatment times don’t bother me, and my skin is really not that bad after the first night. I guess I just got used to it early on, as the electrologist I used before I moved away booked me for marathon sessions and I didn’t realize it wasn’t always done that way.

I’ve never heard it called the “enchilada” before :grin: . I can only say I sympathize with your situation, it can be very difficult finding a good electrologist but definitely worth the effort