Problems after laser

I am a guy with darker skin. I wanted to get laser hair removal treatment done on my face, hoping that it would help me shave less often.(Getting rid of my facial hair completely was not my goal). I had a treeatment done earlier this week. It was very painful.
But the problem is my facial skin, expecially chin and neck are so sensitive that it hurts when I try to fully open my mouth. The worst thing is all across my chin and neck area, I see small pimples. They are whiteheads sometimes. The are ia red and these pimple like things look terrible. The person who did the laser says that it is only ingrown hair and it will go away in a week.
I feel wuite terrible. I cant shave now(as it hurts) and mor eimportantly the chin area looks as though I have got herpes!

Does anyone have any suggestion to get rid of these pimple like things fast
Please Help

use aloe vera. it will go away in a week or so. what laser was used on you? other men on this board found it helpful to use a Yag laser like a Lyra or Coolglide on their face to have the least irritation.

I had a test spot with a Lightsheer on my neck before I had my beard done. It left quite a bit of redness, which subsided in about 2 days. It would have removed the beard hair, but my face would have been red for awhile. And the pain was incredible. I would disagree with those who say the YAG is more painful. You can feel the pain deeper with the YAG, and I think that is mistaken for more pain. There is much more pain on the surface of the skin with the diode laser, at least in the beard area. The fact that the pain is felt deeper with the YAG means that it is more likely than the diode or alex to reach the deeper hair follicles.

I definitely prefer the YAG for beards. It works great on coarse dark hair, which is exactly what I am trying to reduce on my beard. There is almost no post treatment pain or redness. The combination of effectiveness and lack of complications is amazing. The only drawback I see is that the YAG does not work as well on fine hairs. Different machines with more fluence/pulsewidth combinations may make a difference there. The Coolglide CV claims it can treat fine hair with the settings it has available.