Hello. Hopefully somebody can answer some questions for me. I am in the process of getting laser done myself but my boyfriend has already had 6 treatments done. It has been about a year and a half since his last treatment on his back. He had no hair reduction whatsoever. He has even more hair than he started out with and it is even darker than it was. He went to a reputable place that used the gentlelase on him. He complained everytime because it was so painful. They were using correct energy levels on him because we obtained his chart. They went up in energy each time. Now, I have heard somewhere out there that laser can actually stimulate hair to grow in some intances. My question is, if he does laser again, since the new hair has already grown in, could he get better results this time? He has given up hope and vows he will never do laser again, but I want him to give it another try. Can somebody answer this question? Thank you a lot.

It seems that there is more than one report of this happening with the Gentlelase laser. What were the fluence levels used. With the 18mm spot size, the maximum fluence is limited to 20J, which is way too low for effective hair removal. Usually when these bad results happen it is due to practitioner imcompetence and undertreatment.

If the hair is still reasonably coarse and dark, use of a higher powered diode laser, like the Lightsheer, may help. It takes a lot of practitioner skill because you have to be aggressive with the Lightsheer, usually 40J and up, to be successful.


Thank you for replying. They started with 10 joules first, then up to 20, 28, 32, 38 and 44. His hair growth in genetic, not hormonal because his dad has the same pattern as does his grandfather and so did his great grandfather.
In what ways do you have to be aggressive with the diode? I am having the lightsheer used on myself. Thanks

aggressive means starting with high settings and increasing them as treatments progress. 10 joules on GentleLASE is WAY too low.