problem with waxing and need advice


I’ve waxed 3 times now but it never seems to last more than a few days and the hairs break off at the surface and i was just wondering if this was because of my body hair or the salon. I went to one salon for the first two times and it didnt work and then i went to another where the results were a bit better. Not sure whwther i should try one more time t this salon or if i should leave it and i just cant wax.

Any advice would be much appreciated,

Sarah xx

if you have brittle hair, then they will brbeak at the surface and not be pulled from the root… so it ends up being like shaving and so the hair will grow back in two days. inspect your hair. is it brittle? if so, that could be the reason. if not, then the salon is not doing the greats job. wax jobs should last couple of weeks. good luck!