Probing technique

Im still find it difficult to probe especially on the face. Im using a standard magnification lamp. I know with practise it gets easier but its so frustrating to spend so much time trying to get the angle right for insertion.

I was wondering if i increased the magnification on my lamp by inserting a larger magnification lens if this would assist me a little better?

I’ve already started my own Practice and currently im treating clients as part of my diploma at home where i have a spare cottage that has been set up as a treatment room.

At the moment im not charging for my work as im still qualifying and of course would not dream of charging if my hit rate is so slow.

Any suggestions would be helpful.

Better magnification always helps, as does good lighting. You will always find it easier to work on someone else rather than yourself. That’s why there are professionals, instead of everyone just buying a one touch and going to town on themselves.

Hi Selina:

I was talking to my electrolygist last night and she says that with lighter colored hairs you have to sometimes manipulate the skin a little to find the follicle opening. You do that by minor tugging or pinching of the skin between the thumb and fingers.


Yes, that is what people who don’t have Stereo Microscopes with Halogen Lighting do to find hard to see hairs. As you softly pinch up some skin and roll the skin in your fingers, you catch the glent of the hair off the light of the circle lamp and then hold steady as you try to follow that glistening trail home, without poking through skin. It is not easy, and that is why many electrologists just tell you that they can’t treat the really tiny hairs, or even the thick clear hairs. There is just too big a problem seeing them, and finding the follicle without missing and causing damage.

Those with Stereo Scopes and Halogens see just fine without pinching. They may still pinch however, just to accomodate a hard to make insertion.