probe snapped inside follicle

has anyone had a probe snap off inside the follicle? should I just leave it or try to dig it out? will it eventually just come out on its own? i dont think i can get it out without pushing it in further and damaging the surrounding skin.

You can gently massage the area around the broken probe to ease it out or you can allow it to come to the surface by itself. Sounds like you may have tried the massage thing already? It will come out eventually and you probably won’t even know that it did. Are you using a very thin probe? Thin probes break easier than thicker probes, especially if they are bent and then are re-straightened. Also, if you have used the same probe for several hours of electrolysis, it is more vulnerable for breakage.

Don’t worry too much as there is really no problem here. The probe will come to the surface and all will be well.

Do let us know the outcome.


ok thanks <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />
i have another question - i was using a one touch unit and the wires had come loose inside the pen and i had just repaired it. the solder wouldnt stick to the metal strips so i’d just tied the top wire around it further up the strip and moved the bottom wire so it was touching the other. i have no idea how but it seems the probe must be heating up too much or something because i went through 5 probes in about 10 minutes. they just seemed to be weakening and then snapping in the middle. thats why that one snapped inside the follicle. anyone know why this is happening?

It is very possible that you have jumped the resistors, and the current is not being stepped down enough.

These units are cheaply made, and should be avoided for this reason. They really expect you all to buy them, try them, and throw them away.