probe size

what is the smallest size in gold ballet probes?
my electrologist says that K2 is the thinnest probe one can get, but i am not sure i tryst him. that needle looks too big to treat my fine vellus hair and it leaves pits on my skin. what do you think?

Size 2 is correct. Sizes range from 2-6. I use size 2 probes on some occassions and they work very well on the very fine hair, but the intensity has to be adjusted because a smaller probe is a hotter probe.

Your practitioner’s problem is skill and vision equipment. With better lighting and vision, one could get a size 4 or 5 in your vellus pores.

he had told me that he uses K2 gold ballet probes. however i had a look at this site here:
i am 100% certain that the probes he used did not look at all like K or F shank. it was a long, one-piece needle with a sharp tapered edge. it looked like “T”. Should those be used on fine hair? if for electrolysis at all?
i stopped seeing that electrologist as soon as i realized what he was doing was harming my skin. Even after 4 months I can tell where he had inserted the probe, there is hole, like a large pore and a pit around it and that’s all over my cheeks. Is there anything I could do to erase those scars? i had only 2 half an hour sessions with him, but that was enough to cause permanent damage. he also used blend and pretty agressively which was overtreatment for those fine hair. it was like killing an ant with an elephant gun! I wish I could sue him not because I feel I am owed componsation but also because it would be for the public welfare if those people could be driven out of business.
i am seeing another electrologist now, and i am very happy with the results. i have had five 30 minute sessions so far, 2-4 weeks apart and i am seeing a considerable reduction in the amount of hair that lasers have caused me, with no side-effect whatsoever. i just wish i had found her from the very beginning.

Glad you found an electrologist that pleases you.

I too am happy you have found some one good to do the job. I am not saying you did this, but all too often people go to the phone book, call around and whoever will take them TODAY is the person they do all their work with, without ever checking out the competition. One needs to find an electrologist based on the quality of the work they can deliver, not price per hour without regard to speed per hair, not based on the marble floors and the great interior decorating of the office, not based on the zip code of their office, not based on distance between home, or work and their office, or any other superficial consideration. What you are really buying is the way your face, or other body part will look when they are done, and more immediately, how it will look in the week after treatment.

Good electrologists wish there were more of us out there, so that bad ones would be driven out of business just by market forces. When you see your friend gets better treatment, with faster results, and fewer/no post treatment trauma, you tend to switch practitioners soon enough.

I have done my part by unknowingly putting a few locals out of business just because one by one most of their clients found friends who were seeing me, and could not believe their eyes when the friend said at a party, “Look, I just got 2 hours of electrolysis done this afternoon.”

Your cheeks should heal, but you will need to feed it well. Give it Aloe Vera Gel as a part of your morning ritual. Get vitamins A, C and E daily to help the body repair. You may also want to get some collagen supplements.

Get back to us in 3 months and let us know how it looks.

Thanks! what about the “T” tapered gold ballet needles? should they be used for fine hair?

I would not worry about the probe unless someone was using bulbous probes. On the other hand, tapered probes would be more painful to experience, due to the point effect.