Probe size

James said in another thread:

Larger probes will make the treatment both more comfortable, and more effective.

Boy can I attest to this. :slight_smile: I had another treatment today and it was killer…whereas last week I hardly felt anything at all. She didn’t think she was doing anything differently so we figured my hormones must be causing trouble, or maybe it was related to what I had eaten or something. Then when she was done and writing down the treatment info she noticed she had used a larger probe last week. I assumed she was using a smaller one because she thought it would be more effective…I suppose it was because it’s easier to insert? We plan to go back to the other one next time!

Maybe now that a “lay-person” has supported my argument, some people will now believe that I gave them good info in the first place. Perhaps you should see what a large gold probe will feel like now in a blind test, and see what you think.

Mildred, what method was used (i.e. thermolysis, blend or pure galvanic)?