probable concern

i read this pt under disadvantages of lhr, in the lhr hairfacts section.

  • Recent data suggest other skin structures are often affected by laser irradiation, and long term effects of this constitute an unknown risk.

where can i read about this data?

im very worried about other skin structures being affected
by lhr.

can anyone pt me in the direction of some sort of clarity on this matter. it does seem hard to believe that these lasers would be cleared by fda , if there are these unknown risks of skin structures being affected. i cant imagine how people could let unknown skin structure risks slide, for the attainment of $. i know there are much worse monsters out there, so i suppose i shouldnt be surprised. what about the law suits that could rise from all of this insufficient

id like to know what kind of risks have been or are not being addressed and to what extent. and where to find this data?

i appreciate any facts and opinions on this matter.

thank you

Since no answer yet-here’s my opinion. Other structures could mean nerve structures-glands-vascular system-skin layers. Long term results often do not come out until years and years later.
Like when they start pulling a medication off the shelves when too many people have died from side effects, we do not know until they want us to know.
I am well educated in the medical field and my opinion is don’t worry. The problems-complications you have heard about already such as arc burns, tissue bruising, hyperpigmentation etc are most likely all the bad stuff there is going to be.
There is a risk to lhr. There is a risk to many things. Your concern is valid. How much do you 2nd guess taking a prescribed medication when most likely someone has died from its side effects? Lhr is the best we have to help us out…right now(or electrolysis). Just opinions.

lasers do no penetrate deep enough for any immediate damage to the fat layer etc. they’ve been around for over 10 years now, and no serious side effects have been reported etc. however, who knows? as with anything, something can surface later. overall, almost everything has a side effect. look, even though there have been studies linking tanning booths to cancer, there are still plenty of them open and operating and making money. i mean, even the sun has been shown to cause damage. does everyone not go to the beach and avoid it at all costs now? not really. so yes, there is some undefined risk with no specific proof or studies to support it yet. whether that matters to you personally, is your choice.