Pro-Tec Probes Recommendations for Apilus

For those with Apilus electrolysis machines, which Pro-Tec probes do you have the best experience for customers with fine to course (eyebrows & bikini) hair?

[li]Gold (for thermolysis & blend)
[/li][li]Stainless Steel (for thermolysis & blend)
[/li][li]Isoguard (for thermolysis only)
[/li][li]Isoblend (for thermolysis & blend)
And any advantage/disadvantage for 1 piece verses 2 piece probes?

Thank you in advance.

Pro-Tec probes are inexpensive compared to other probes.

I can get any probe to work, it’s all about the feel and some probes, like the Laurier IBP, has tips that can concentrate energy so well, that you need to lower the intensity and timing. Tapered probes are good for deep hairs. Ballet gold is great for blend. So probes have certain characteristics that are good for the job at hand.

One piece or two? If I want some flexibility for live probing curvy hairs, I will choose a two piece like Pro-Tec or Laurier. If I want some stiffness, I will choose a Ballet one piece. You can bend both types for hard to reach places, but two-piece Lauriers are the best for this task.

Try all probes and get use to feel and performance of all.

The only probe I will not stock in my drawer, is the Pro-Tec size 1. It is way too flimsy. One off insertion or turn of the wrist makes it crump up like a slinky.

I was unaware that protec made a gold needle. I dont think they do.

I use a lot of isoblend for thermolysis treatments at my clinic. I find them useful for treating large beard hairs which I do a lot of , especially for ones with very large root bulbs. The peanut shaped energy pattern with synchro is a one step punch to big firmly rooted hairs but covers a wide swath of the follicle.
About the only time I stray from isoblend is when I have cause to use a ballet gold needle ( for clients with metallurgical sensitivities esp to nickel in stainless steel) and for shallow areas like upper lips and eyebrows. For these I think the isoblend is too large an energy area to be useful and opt for a isoguard or a ballet insulated.
These are my choices, and every electrologist will make a different choice according to their preference.

Thank you Iluv2zap for the very helpful advice.

FYI, Dectro store sells the Pro-Tec gold probe/needle.

Pro-Tec | 1-Piece | Gold

Product Code:05-4142
One piece gold electrolysis probe. Designed for thermolysis and blend. Sterile and individually wrapped. Box of 30 probes.

I have not personally come across anyone with a metallurgical sensitivities. Is this common or extremely rare?

I’d have to try them, but the gold coating on most probes I’ve tried except for the ballet is too thin and wears off quickly.

I use a lot of protec probes but I’m no so sure I’d count on them for gold probes. They keep shorting my order with no explanation.