Pricing, Is this High????

I was quoted with a 1 session $800 price for full back and entire shoulders,deltoids included, is this high?


I was quoted at $600 for the same area in NYC, so it sounds a little extreme to me…try shopping around if you can!

Actually, and now that I mention it, does anyone think what I’m paying is too high? It was $600 per visit for the whole back/upper arms/shoulders/neck or 3,000 for six. I was also quoted as $300 per w/o back (although it’s pretty light there and electrolysis might be a better option).

Anyone have any thoughts?

PS. Andrea, the site looks GREAT!!

The price sounds about right, $600 is what I would charge my clients, but if hair does not cover the whole area you have mentioned, you can possibly get a better price.

I pay almost 800…and I’m not all that hairy anymore…600 sounds like a better deal…where are you?

My office is located in Brooklyn, NY.
For any info you can call 718-646-2989

which laser do you use?
I have been treating with Gentlelase…

I also have a Candela GentleLase Plus with DCD and 18mm spot size.