pricing for less hair or smaller custom area


I hope this is okay to post.

I am planning to get GentleLASE done on my lower private area – all, but keeping the top triangular area (maybe getting the border of it done to shrink it just a tiny bit).

I am going to get at least one free consultation. I’m wondering if anyone can help me figure out what is a fair price. I am thinking about having different places give me quotes, but I want to know what is reasonable, and maybe save myself some time doing these consultations.

I didn’t want to have to pay for the “full brazilian” type of service because of how I am keeping the top area (where I do not have very much hair anyway). Maybe take the listed price for that and subtract (most of, half of) the listed price for bikini area?

I was thinking that because I have less hair in that lower area than most women, perhaps I could get a lower price. But it probably doesn’t work that way, right? I guess that they would still be having to treat approximately the same surface area. I think that other women might have more surface area with hairs growing, but I guess I still have at least 75% as much.

Also, I was considering NOT getting all the lower area done and instead just getting an area (down there) lasered that’s about a 2 inch diameter circle. And/or I would get this area done more times than the whole lower area. What would be a reasonable price for this? I get the impression that a place would charge me as much for this as for a whole bikini line/area, and that doesn’t sound good.

Thank you very much!

prices really vary depending on the clinic, whether you buy a package, etc. in addition, if you have a few consultations and mention one price to another clinic, a lot of them are willing to match, especially in areas where there is lots of competition. a brazilian, full or almost full can vary anywhere from $150-300 per treatment and you will need 4-6 treatments to catch the hair in all growth phases. at some places, you can bargain, at others, not so much. it just really varies. the most important thing you should be looking for is that the person who will be performing the treatment is knowledgeable about hair removal and lasers in order to get the best results. it makes more sense to pay even a bit more if you have to to get results in the end rather than going with someone very cheap and then needing many more treatments or not getting any results at all. in the end, the most knowledgeable person will get you better results faster, which will be cheaper in the end. also, if you think you might need less treatments than others, you might not want to get a package deal, but instead find a place that charges per treatment only. finally, make sure to choose the best laser for your skin and hair type. GentleLASE is an alexadrite type laser and is best for light skin and dark hair.