Do you think she’s expensive?

[color:#990000]Electrolysis Prices
Consultation & Test Patch (1 hr) £50.00
Face & Body £1.25 per min[/color]

Then there’s another place with prices
Five minutes £9.50 One hour treatment £70.70
Ten minutes £15 Ninety minute course of treatment £97.20
Fifteen minutes £18 Three hour course of treatment £194.40
Twenty minutes £25 Six hour course of treatment £324
Thirty minutes £36 Nine hour course of treatment £468
Forty Five minutes £54[/color]

I think the first uses Apilus whilst the second Blend.

The difficulty in saying if these prices are expensive or not have to do with our not knowing the overhead and official extortions levied against practitioners there. Here in the states, I know of people charging $200 per hour (about one hundred english pound) and yet, the lion’s share of that money goes to pay their rent, professional certification and various other financial drains. The practitioner is lucky to take home $30 to $50 per hour, and even then, you must keep in mind that most practitioners are trying to live off of 400 to 1000 billable hours a year. (For reverence, the average US full time job is 2080 hours a year, and the avearge part time job 1040 hours a year.)

I never did pay attention to dollars verses pounds conversions, though I have been told several times. I know that when I remove hair from eyebrows, I’ m told it costs less per session than waxing. Permanency verses repeating a procedure every 3-6 weeks. You do the math. Electrolysis sessions don’t go on forever, but waxing does.


I’m gonna book a consultation with the second one because it’s closer and I’ll be able to afford it more.

It is a good idea to have a short session with both, then decide who is best. The more expensive one may be faster and more acurate. That saves a lot of money over the course of your treatment and can take fewer months overall and fewer visits

Coco I agree in the end what is more important to me in the end is the accuracy. The price unless is way over the top is less important to me.