Prices for IPL hair removal

Hi can anyone give me any tips about what a “normal” charge for IPL treatment is.
Let’s say for a bikini area, underarm area, lower legs etc.

Do they charge per hour or per area treated???

Also how efective is the intence pulse light compared to laser tretment??

Thanks in advance for your tips

ummm~ from checking online, Ive seen it as both by the hour and per area.
Heres the thing: some places count upper arm and lower arm as TWO seperate areas, same as upper leg and lower leg. the place Im doing is charging per limb- as in stomach, arms, back legs, bikini ect. ALSO, on the sites Ive checked, they have you come in for a consultation for the prices. I really trust the place Im having mine done at, the lady thats doing it Ive known for a long time; shes very meticulous and professional. ANYWAYS~ heres the pricings I have per session:
Stomach: $200
Arms: $230
Back: $300
Legs: $320
Bikini: $180

I have black hair with super pale white skin, so Im the perfect 'type, its just I have 1.thick hair and 2.lots of it.

hope that helps (or someone will tell me Im getting ripped off )

Save your money. IPL is not a real laser and doesn’t work. There are so many cases where people used IPL and had terrible results.

You’d be much better off getting laser hair removal for large areas, and if necessary, finishing up with electorlysis. Or if you just want small areas done, get electrolysis.

Yep saucy is right! I dunno about other lasers since I’ve never tried lasers, I have spent a large amount of money on IPL and yes, it doesnt really work. But if you can find someone with a good reputation and a good track record, do it at your own risk. Make sure you do your research well on that physician. Get him/her to get the pricing in writing so they don’t try to change it on the treatment day!
The results I had were scarring and burns to the skin.
It resulted in months of healing (and I’m still healing) and frustration.

Truly wasting hard earned cash away when I used IPL.

check out my other post for more details if you want.