Prices and Request of Recommendations

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I am 17 and suffering about dark hair growing on my upper lip. I plucked for a few years… it was frustrating because it was maintenance-intensive, and not thorough enough for me. A while ago… 3/4 of a year, maybe, I began bleaching. Because hairs break and start to regrow I have to bleach practically every day that I see people outside my house (close to everyday). I luckily homeschool, but I still see people my age, and often I’m really self-concious (sometimes in the extreme) about it. Bleaching is a huge chore, and takes me about 25min each time. gaah. And my upper lip hairs are so long they are very visibly bleached. They have a shine to them, and are much longer than the rest of my face hairs (cept eyebrows and lashes).

And I’m going to the Himalayas with a group of youth at the beginning of March. I’m not going to be able to bleach there, and plucking is iffy, particularly when I go on the 5day trek with them

So what I really want is to have the first treatment soon enough before March 1st that shedding has occurred and scabs are gone. And I don’t really know that cycle/process. What happens… is there a chance that I’ll get scabs? How long do they usually last?

I know this: “Shedding takes 2-3 weeks for most people. Most start shedding sometime at week 2 and it can last up to 3.5 weeks or so until everything has shed. You ARE allowed to shave during the shedding process, but that can slow down the shedding just a bit.” -lagirl [Is that 3.5 weeks 1.5 weeks after the ‘sometime at week two,’ or 3.5 weeks after it starts?]

Also, paying for this Himalaya trip is quite expensive, and I’m wondering what prices would be vaguely like for, say, one upper lip treatment. $75? $50? $100? Those are my guesses.

And also, does anyone know of any wonderful, trustable laserhairremoval surgeons near or in Vancouver, BC, Canada? Or even all of BC?

Thank you all so much!


all treated hair sheds within 3 weeks or so after the treatment. that means that by 3-3.5 weeks, all hair will have shed. if treated properly, you shouldn’t have any scabs. at most redness around the follicles for 1-3 days.

it sounds like your hair is pretty coarse. how light is your skin? also, how many hairs total do you have if you’re just doing the upper lip? if you have under 30-40 hairs, you might want to consider electrolysis for such a small area.

price for upper lip varies from about $50-100 per treatment. Electrolysis would run about $60 per hour and a good electrologist can zap about 5-6 hairs a minute.