Price comparison between removal methods

Has anyone done a price comparison between various methods of hair removal? (laser, waxing, electroysis). I mean over a lifetime. I wonder if it might be less expensive to laser a chest a half dozen times with occational follow-up touch-ups than to wax every month for the next twenty years. Also electrolysis might get a bit expensive on a particularely hairy area. Lets do a man’s chest as an example.

Any web pages out there with the info?

i’ll play. :smile: . I love comparitive analysis:

woman brazilian for 10 years:

wax: 9x yr = 9x$50 = $450 year x10 years = $4,500 (HOLY WOW). Also 30 mins each time is 270minyr, and 2,700 mins over 10 years. 45 hours.
-benefits…um…not electrolysis. :grin:
-cons monthly freakin’ visits, each one pretty painful

Electrolysis: 30 hours, @ $100 an hour = 3K
-benefits, permanent if you find the right person
30 hours over the course of let’s say 1 full year and you’re done
-cons, um…painful. Seriously painful.
-con…not a discrete thing to go through

Laser - 6 treatments in 9 months, then lets say 2x a year thereafter.
my 6 treatments are costing me $900 w/ a diode laser, That’s $1k first year, then $150x2=300 x9(years)=1k + 2,700= $,3700 Time: 6 treatments=4 hours, 2 year=1.5 hoursx9 =13.5 hours
pro- the least time consuming of all methods
pro- less invasive than both waxing and elec.
con- hard to find a laser that suits certain people, like myself arrrrrgh.
con- can leave scarring?
con- expensive?

Now everyone else do one. i was gonna do more…but…

Brazilian for 10 years…
Waxing = $4-4,500 and 40-45 hours. holy moly.
Electrolysis = $3,000 and 30 hours. heyyyyy.
Laser = $3,700 and 15-20 hours.

Very interesting. I did this a few month ago, b/f i decided on laser. that was fun. :smile:

Conclusion: Elec and Laser are close. If you can suit a laser, you have a choice of either. If you can suit it, and you don’t want to live w/ the hair, get electrolysis if you dare.

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