Prevention of redness...scabs......etc ?

I have two quick questions that I hope can be answered…

#1.) I was surprised to read someone’s comments about how he experienced redness and scabs after electrolysis was performed on his eyebrows.
Is there any way a technician can prevent this from happening ? I was hoping the work could be done without anyone noticing it.

#2.) I thought this area could be treated 4 - 5 times over a 4 - 5 month period. However, reading some earlier comments it seems like it will take MUCH longer to complete, at least 9 months (maybe more) and every other week. Is this correct ?


Any permanent hair removal will take at least 9 months. It would take that long or longer for every hair to show itself once.

Depending on practitioner skill and equipment and techniques used, it can be done with nothing more than a little redness/pinkness in the treatment area.

After treatment, the client must be sure to keep the area clean and dry. Try not to sweat in the treatment area for 12 to 24 hours. The client should also do good after care for best results. I like Tea Tree Oil and Aloe Vera Gel, but there are many options.

Under the right conditions, no one will know you are having it done. I even had a client who would come get her eyebrows done just before going out on a date because she liked the faint violet color her eyelids became post treatment. It was like a light eyeshadow. She is the only person I ever saw who reacted that way. I must say, I agree with her that it did look pretty.

I’ve been getting work done on the eyebrow area for just over a month now. The redness isn’t that bad (for me) after about 3-4 hours and I’ve been out dates the same day as a treatment without feeling self conscious. Your skin will probably go quite red for the first few treatments but will adjust so the following treatments won’t be as bad. From what I’ve read these side effects just prove the treatment is working.

I do get scabs and small puss balls (Couldn’t think of a better description) which form over night. To take care of the puss balls I soak my face in hot water and then rub the area lightly with a face cloth. I then clean the area with clinique scruffing lotion which helps the scabs (That probably aren’t noticeable to anyone but me) heal. I also use Sterex cream (which that salon gave me) on the day of the treatment, This looks a bit like make up but once applied it isn’t noticeable.

I do 2 sessions per week. Usually 2 days after a session I can see/feel new hair growing in, It’s now been 3 days and even with the use of a 5X mirror I can only see 2 hairs that need to be removed which means my session tomorrow should be quite quick. I don’t think I should be seeing results this quickly so perhaps it’s just coincidence, Perhaps one of our professionals could give there opinion on this?

If you are getting full clearances, you would see results this soon. Just remember that it still takes at least 9 months to get all the hairs as it takes that long for all the hairs to show themselves just once.

If you used tea tree oil before bed, you would not have the puss balls, as tea tree oil dissolves the matter that makes them, and the puss itself should any form prior to tea tree oil use.

To put it curtly, it will help you heal quicker.

I am getting full clearance when I go but I still didn’t think that I would see ANY positive results until at least 3 months. I’m glad to see the change even if it is slight (A friend of mine said that electrolysis doesn’t work and I can’t wait to prove her wrong).

Thanks for the advice James and to anyone who’s considering electrolysis, start now, You won’t regret it.