pretty please help

hey help me i need to know if i should get the one touch or the clean and easy electrolysis kit or maybe something even better? i would love to hear comments on the products you guys have tried so that i can then make my decision. i really hope you guys respond soon

won’t anyone answer or try to help me? i just want opinons, andrea will you? <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/confused.gif" alt="" /> i need to know from people who have used and experinced with it, because i want to go to the store and buy it asap depending on what people have to say. thanks, eroca

I’m glad to offer my advice. Note that like many others, I only visit this board a couple of times a week, so be patient with us:)

I started with the Clean and Easy Deluxe that I bought from Sally’s for about 30 bucks. I did see it later on special for a bit less. It was a good introduction for me to see if I had the patience and pain tolerance to use this method.

I quickly did the modification to the Clean and Easy to use a footswitch rather than try and touch the metal band with a wet finger to connect the circuit. This is really easy to do using only electrical tape, a wire, a sponge and a small bowl of salt water. You can search this site to find specific instructions for this modification.

You will need a good magnifying makeup mirror, sharp tweezers, some alcahol swabs and a steady hand. It is a good idea to get into a habit and use the device at the same time every day. The treatment times can vary depending upon how hydrated you are, so drink lots of water. I have been working around my nostrils a lot and this makes my nose run, so I always have a box of tissues close by. Also, be sure and work clean. Wash you hands, use lots of alchol on you face before and after treatment. Follow up with moisturizer. I also find some tinted acne medicine is handy to cover and dry-out any accidental over-treatment areas. You will have a few small “burns” no matter how careful you are.

I never did figure out what all the crazy beeping the Clean & Easy did. It chirps every five second or so. Use a watch with a second hand and determine you own treatment settings and time by carefully experimenting. Start low and short and work up until the hairs come out easily.

Good luck,
Ceecee <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />

A couple of more words of free advice (remember, you get what you pay for):

  1. Inserting the needle is an art form. It takes good light, vision and a deft touch to go in the direction of the hair and to the correct depth. If you are not very good at these kinds of skills, seek professional help!
  2. Never insert or remove the needle when the juice is flowing. Unfortunately, without the footswitch mod to the Clear & Easy, this is too easy to do.
  3. Take comfort as each hair zapped. If you only get 5 hairs in your first hour, don’t get discouraged, just shoot for 6 hairs the next time. It will go slowly at first.
  4. Don’t fall for the scams. Read this board. There is no better DIY method than Galvanic Electro, period. If this can’t work for you, use temporary methods until you can afford reputable pro’s to do electro or laser.

This is a long term undertaking. If it is going to work for you you must make it part of a regular routine. Consider it your 8:00 am class. Once you get comfortable with this, you might consider getting some better supplies from Texas Electolosys. For many fine hairs, the 003 needles do insert more easily. But first, try out the C&E on your larger hairs to see if this approach is for you.


Aww thanks so much ceecee, yea sorry i was getting impatient i just didn’t know if anyone was going to come back or what? anyways, your advice is good : ) but do u think that it would work if i go to school for 5 days per week? i just don’t know…? also what are the changes you would make for the one touch or clean and easy from texas electrolysis?

You can do the math to determine how effective your program will be. My experience is that once you gain some skill, you will be able to get 30 or 40 hairs per hour. I don’t know what area you are clearing, but, in my case, I read somewhere that a beard contains, on average, 18,000 hairs. You might also want to figure in a hair-kill rate of, say 80%. When you do the math, you must decide if five days a week is fast enough for you. As I said in my previous post, I am on a 10-year plan. That is not fast enough for me, but I am gaining satisfaction just by doing something.

As an aside, I noticed today that my upper lip line was starting to look really good. I did my usual foundation, lip liner and lipstick, and the cleared areas were very obviously hair free. This made me happy and gave me new energy to finish with the rest of my upper lip area. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />

You can get the C&E or One-Touch from any Sally Beauty Supply. Don’t bother Texas Electrolosys with a request for these home devices. The reason to use Texas Electrolosys would be to get a professional stylus and needles. A stylus is the part that holds the needles and has a wire on it that plugs into the machine providing the negative current. As I recall, the stylus was about $20. Professional needles are a real step-up from the ones that come with the One Touch. You have to buy professional needles in quantities of 20, but they are much cheaper per needle that the $6.00 per replacement needle on the One Touch. I seem to remember needles costing about $20 a box. With a stylus, a box of 003 and 005 needles, all told I spend about $65 with Texas Electro Supply. I probably won’t have to reorder needles for another year or so.
I suppose you could use the One Touch device for the current source and connect the professional stylus and needle to it. If you read my previous post, you will see that I didn’t bother to do this. I just used a battery and a 2 cent resistor.
Finally, the most likly cause of burns besides inserting a “hot” needle is to overtreat. Overtreat and you can get a scar, undertreat, and you just have to do the hair again later. Err on the side of caution…
Best of Luck,

Thanks ceecee soo much for taking the time out and answer me, you’re so nice. So i guess I’ll try it and see what happens…do u have any suggestions on where i should start practicing on my body? i can’t ask anyone to help me because nobody knows i have unwanted hair. so i should start on my stomache or something i guess? so the clean and easy is the same quality of one touch then correct? cuz i have that one over by my house somewhere…a noticable difference in my hair removal will hopefully encourage me to continue with it, i would think so…when i purchase the clean and easy is there anything extra i should pick up at the same time before i intitally use it? Any creams to make it easier to make irritation etc. less noticable? Will makeup work to cover up irritations etc. when i have to go to school? Sorry it’s so long but i just want to do everything efficently and right. Thanks again anyone can comment <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smirk.gif" alt="" />

Newbies should always start learning on their legs, between the knees to the ankle. Do your first treatments on the lower leg on the opposite side of your dominant hand. If you are left handed, you practice first on your right leg, if you are right handed, you practice first on your left leg.
You will get a feel for the insertion, and you will know how it feels when you get it right, and well as how it feels when you get it wrong, from both the perpective of the practitioner doing the insertion, and from the client’s perspective receiving treatment. It just so happens that you are both the practitioner and the client in this exercise.