Prescription Numbing Cream?

I talked to an electrologist in Los Angeles about numbing injections, but she said she would have to check with a nurse about the legality of it (I would have to be under her malpractice thing). In the meantime, she gave me a form to give my doctor for a prescription numbing cream. Before I go blow $69 on it, how helpful would it be for electrolysis pain? The sheet says:

Benzocaine 20%/Lidocaine 8%/Tetracaine 4% in a gel or ointment base (Compounded). It’s 60 grams. Even if I don’t work with her, it seems like it would be pretty strong to help with electrolysis with anyone. Just wanted some feedback about it before I spend the cost of an hour of electrolysis on it.

Also, this is stated on the form:

“This topical anesthetic is a compound used to prevent pain associated from various medical procedures~
Since the preparatron is compounded, it is not available commercially. It is therefore not an FDA approved
product. The use of this product is solely at the discretion of the prescribing physician for the use of
individual patients where comnlercially available topical anesthetics are not available, or have not met
efficacy requirements by both the patient/and or clinician.”