Prescription medication in anorexia

I have suffered from female hirtulism since puberty and have therefore always had a very poor body image. Since my anorexia has taken a turn for the worst in the past few years I have decided it is time to insist on trying some sort of hormone therapy in order to improve my self respect. I have asked for help several times but have always been told the hirtulism is typical of my ethnic origin or it is caused by my anorexia. I did order a tube of vaniqa once and it was very impressive but too expensive so I shall try to find out if it is available on the british national health service. I also self-medicated 200mg per day of spirolactone a few years ago (they also happen to be diuretics!) but didnt notice any difference. Dianette and Yasmin are amongst the many contraceptive pills I have tried but yet again, have not found them to be of any use to my out of controll hair growth. Are there any other prescription medications that would be appropriate for me to try?

I would appreciate any suggestions,
Thanks, Misty

You might ask a physician about an androgen blocker. Many will not prescribe it unless your blood levels indicate higher than normal testosterone levels. This will have a lot of effects, though, and you need to discuss your reproduction plans with the doctor at the same time.

I too had anorexia during starting at 15. I grew dark hair all over my body. It was gross. My hormones got all off. I gained 13 pounds but had a low body fat due to my enjoyment of running 30 to 40 minutes 5 times a week. The hair became lighter and finer but never ceased. I have excess fine hair on my back and stomach. I had irregular, light periods until I went on the pill - but the hair did not get reduced. I am 36 and an RN and have had my hormones checked. When I was 26, I gained 17 pound (mostly fat) when I had mono because I slept a lot. my I was at that weight for 6 months…the hair never went away. I am now 36 and still exercise 4 times a week. My body fat hovers at around 18 percent and finally the hair has started to diminish. My periods are finally normal. I am eating much better. I used to eat very little fat and very little protein. I started eating avocados, eggs and other chicken an vegie burgers. The hair on my head has grown thicker and people have noticed. Have you tried increasing your fat/protein in your diet? Perhaps your body fat is too low. An endocrinologist may be able to assist you.

I agree with blackberry, I am experiencing similar pattern. I had anorexia when I was 21 … and I got fine hair all over my body – of course I did take a note of them at that time … as all I knew was to not eat and exercise. Since, last 6-8 months I am eating healthy … more fat and protiens and my weight is coming back to normal … I do not look like I come from ethiopia and I have seen that my hair are softer. I am also using Nutraplus … but I am very irregular with that … so I know that my eating habits have helped me more than anything else. My mother does not have a hair on her body – so that is another thing that I know that mine are not genetic but a result of poor nutrition that was my choice!!