Prescribed topical cream that slow hair growth

“Eflornithine cream (Vaniqa) is a cream which slows hair growth. It is available in Australia by prescription for delaying re-growth of unwanted facial hair in women following depilation such as waxing or plucking. It is applied twice daily to facial areas such as the upper lip or chin.
Studies following women for up to six months indicate that Vaniqa cream significantly reduces hirsutism in women with unwanted facial hair. Vaniqa works in two out of three women after about six to eight weeks of treatment. It works in women with light or dark hair and with light or dark skin colouring.
Because it is effective within a few weeks it works well with other treatments. Combining Vaniqa and laser therapy to treat hirsutism makes the laser more effective. Hair growth returns to its normal rate about 8 weeks after stopping the treatment. Side effects are few but may include acne, local skin irritation and rash. It must not be used in if you have severe kidney disease and is not recommended during pregnancy and breast feeding.”

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It has been my experience that Vaniqa does not work with coarse hair. Once the product is discontinued the hair growth returns.