Pregnancy hair growth after electrolysis treatment?

Hi All,

Im new here,

Im one of the… many many women who is currently undergoing electrolysis as a result of laser induced hair growth/paradoxical stimulation.

I just wanted to hear from any women who have completed all sessions of electrolysis and then have gone on to be pregnant/have a child, did you experience any more bad surprises in terms in hair growth in places you didn’t have (before laser?)

fyi I know you cannot have electrolysis while you are pregnant, im just thinking about the future.

Actually you CAN have electrolysis while you are pregnant, however you should not have galvanic electrolysis as there remains unknown effects of DC currents upon the fetus. Thermolysis or shortwave electrolysis may be performed without risk on women who are pregnant.

thanks, thanks great to know =)
well actually im getting galvanic done at the moment and its working really well, so at least if im preganant i can try theromysis or blend

thermolysis. Blend still has a galvanic component and that can be harmful for the fetus.