Precision Uniblend -- usage tips?

After thinking about professional electrolysis, I decided to DIY with a semipro machine. I figured the cost wouldn’t be too different, and no way could my wife spare the time with our three kids.

Mostly it’s for my wife, whom I’d like to be less stubbly, and a little for my beard area, such as my neck.

So, any tips on learning to use a blend system? I haven’t received the unit yet but am eager to start learning.

I figured I’d start with a non visible area with coarse hair (read: bikini) and as my expertise grows venture to harder areas such as legs.

This much I understand:

  • Shave a day before to ensure I’m working on growing hairs
  • Apply a topical anesthetic
  • Take a moderate analgesic such as ibuprofen
  • Moisten the skin with a warm wet towel
  • Grasp the hair with tweezers, hold away from the skin enough to get the probe in, slide the needle down the shaft, and zap
  • Start at low power and work up to max tolerable
  • Pluck the hair after treatment

I think I understand the basic technique pretty well; are there any particular tricks that won’t become obvious through practice?

Any current users of the Uni-Blend care to comment on its functioning?