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I am in transition. I’ve been on hormones and androgen blockers for 2 years. I’m about ready to go full time in a few months and have some questions regarding electrolysis treatment.

I have a couple of areas of coarse hairs left on my chin and 2 small portions of my cheeks. The rest is barely visible.

My practioner uses an old Fisher cabinet which she swears by… most of my hairs release fine when she uses the frequency setting of “3” on that machine. I do however get some “pulling”/“pops” on a few hairs. On the coarser hairs which are darker I let her use setting “4”… She complains that these settings are not strong enough etc…

I guess my questions are these:

given her equipment, what is the optimal setting for actual treatment of the hairs?

and, as far as pulling/popping, are these hairs actually being treated (I’ve read the other posts and nothing definitive is really stated… I saw on Mr. Gior’s site that any pulling meant inneffictive treatment)?

also, what is the general opinion of extended clearing sessions such as those practiced at Electro. 2000?

thank you very much.


Without seeing you personally, I can’t say what settings you need. Sorry.

Pulling and tugging? This is just one of those points that will get a room full of electrologists arguing and perhaps an ECW street fight will break out if we are not careful. I will only say that it is possible to treat a hair with the newer machines where you have in fact treated the lower portion of the follicle, without making enough room in the upper dermis for the large sheath system to come out without a “pop”. This hair is, however treated, and won’t come back as long as it is in anagen phase. Hairs in one of the shedding phases have less moisture, and tend to have large dry masses around the bottom of the “bulb” and those will also “pop” through the follcile opening. Turning up the power won’t treat these hairs any more than they already are. One just runs the risk of overtreating that area of skin.
The only definitive thing I can say is a “pop” is not always bad, but a tug that pulls like you feel when pulling an untreated follicle is just that: Pulling on an untreated follicle.

I can’t say anything bad about extended clearing sessions, as I do them myself. My average client begins with 3 hour sessions, sometimes more than one appointment per week. I can’t say much on Electrology 2000 because I don’t know what equipment they are using (they have never returned any of my emails on such questions) and it seems that they are practicing a technique of treating every follicle regardless of presence of hair or not. Needless to say, one looks like hamburger when this is done, but if speed of clearance is your number one priority, that is what you have to deal with.

When your electrologist of choice practices 2,000 miles away, you have to get as much work done as you can, when you can. When you find someone in a reasonable distance from you, you may have long appointments that reduce the hairs steadily and get you bare in 4 to six weeks. At that point you may be maintained in that clearance so that you look finished as you go about the process of getting to the point of permanently smooth skin that needs no further treatment.

Since you are in New York, you don’t have to even consider going to E-2000. You already have enough choices right here to finish your work once and for all.

Person’s with more than double the normal amount of male facial hair, really should not shoot for totally smooth bare skin in the first week of treatment (as done at E-2000) because the skin will be much more comfortable if it is thinned over 30 to 60 days. There also won’t be any reason to hide out bandaged up like the invisable man in a hotel room ordering room service to leave the tray at the door. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/tongue.gif" alt="" />

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I can now report that E2000, now called E3000 uses epilators made by Instantron. In the hands of skilled practitioners, these are very effective machines, and can be comfortable. They can be less comfortable than other epilators if the practitioner’s skills are not top notch.


Thank you for your reply.

if you can recommend someone on the Island of Manhattan who is honest and knowledgeable, I’d be in your debt… I have been to 4 practitioners in this area, and they all stink in my opinion… no one will give you any actual answers… my current practitioner just wants to fry my skin and complains when I won’t let her… and the others have either damaged my skin or are ineffictive… Fino Gior is all the way out in Great Neck… that’s no where near Manhattan in a realistic sense… and that Lucy chick charges luna chick prices… a professional recommendation is what I need (you can drop me an email if your so inclined)…

The hair on the sides of my face is very soft but not as fine as vellous so I just need some guidance as to the appropriate settings… the hair on my chin is coarse but not as coarse a dark haired guy… I’m a natural redhead closer to strawberry blonde… and I don’t think that my skin needs to be destroyed to this done… so, any advice would be great.



Please understand that Fino Gior is the only Manhattan area electrologist that I have actually had do work on myself. With all the people on this site from the NYC area, you would think we would have more information about dozens of good electrologists in that area. Sadly, the participation level of those who have found a good electrologist posting that information here, and in the electrologist referral section is no where near where we would like it to be.


A trans girl passing through Buffalo picking up a quick clearing told me that after blowing through lots of people she found to be lacking, she has stuck with two operators. Now, I must caution that I have not had work by these people, and I can only say that the skin I looked at was in pretty good condition, and I was assured that the equipment used is pretty new. Although the client could not remember exactly what the equipment was, and could not describe it to me good enough for me to assertain what it was, I pass that information on to you for what it is worth.

Hair Today Gone Tomorrow

Kay’s Skin Care

She did not have the phone number of Kay’s, but says it is in the book.

Whom ever you choose to be your electrologist when you finally decide, please post back here and put the information in the referral section for others to find.

That goes for the rest of you as well.