pre-treatment skin antiseptics

Which antiseptics product do you prefer or recommend for pre-treatment skin prep?

Hi fenix.

I like a half and half mixture of wintergreen alcohol and witch hazel or sometimes I use a scented witch hazel from Thayer’s. Peach and Lemon are more favorites for summer time electrolysis.

I hope others give you their favorites, too.


I use witch-hazel as well, but is it considered an antiseptic? I read the AEA protocol on disinfectants and it says witchhazel is not an antiseptic and should be used for post treatment. So now I am confused.

If alcohol is recommended as antiseptic, does it cause stinging or irritation on skin, especially applying to areas where recent treatment was done and there might be fresh scabbing or broken skin?

witch hazel is an astringent

Alcohol for antiseptic, decreases skin bacteria before treatment.

In Ohio, we have been told that our clients should wash their skin with soap and water prior to electrolysis. In addition, we use an antiseptic prior to starting a treatment.

Witch hazel that has alcohol added to it, becomes an antiseptic, in addition to the astringent properties. Thayers has anywhere from 14% - 20% alcohol added to some of their witch hazels. They do offer products that have no alcohol, so you need to read the label.