Pre / Post Care

Hello All,

So much good info on this forum. I am having full clearance on a male beard.

Pre and Post care treatments?

Some help control pain, redness, swelling etc.

Some prevent skin damage and/or promote healing.

Some do both.

Beauty is pain and I can deal with that but I am Very worried about skin damage.

My question is …

Which treatments most effectively prevent skin damage and/or promote healing and how do they accomplish this?

My goal is smooth, clear, undamaged skin.

Thanks So Much !

FYI I am currently…


Anti Histamine


Aloe Vera Gel after 24 hours
Epsom Salt after 48 hrs
Tree Tea Oil (dabbed it on a few scabs and it stung so I washed it off)

Permanent hair removal is the number one side effect of electrolysis. All other side effects of electrolysis are temporary.

Electrology Works Now!

Bravo Barbara!

Best article I’ve ever read on this pesky subject.

Thank you!