practitioner in Las Vegas??


Hi all- new member here. I realize that because I’m in Anchorage, AK I’ll probably not find anyone that does threading in my city. I’m interested in having it done because I take acne medication that makes my skin thin, and I can no longer wax my eyebrows. Right now I pluck them, but it’s so time consuming.

My husband and I are planning a trip to Las Vegas in May and I want to find someone who does threading and have it done while I’m there. I’m going to keep looking online for Indian-owned salons, but if anyone knows where I can get it done in Vegas, it sure would help. Thanks!


With your problem, you really should consider electrolysis. Since you would have a clear pattern established from your previous work, an electrologist would have a good chance to set the work you have had done previously in place.

I mention this, because I do happen to know of a good electrologist in Las Vegas, and you would do well to visit her.

Ingrid Carlos
4009 Del Monte
Las Vegas NV 89102

Just make sure to explain your problem, and she will either do your work in slow blend or microflash thermolysis.

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Thanks for the reply! I guess I hadn’t put much thought into electrolysis. I could get that done here for sure, or wait till I go to Las Vegas. Thanks again!