Practioner in NYC, Gior too far on LIRR

With all due respect to Mr. Walker… if you’re a poor TS and live in Manhattan or Brooklyn… trucking out to Great Neck on the LIRR is not an option considering the amount of time it takes to clear a beard or anything else, actually… you’ll spend at least two sessions worth on train fare alone in the span of a month… not to mention the hour it takes to get there and back…

so, actual practioners in the Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens area would be great… if you have honest suggestions… they would be greatly appreciated…


Please understand that Fino Gior and Stephanie Fracassa are the only Manhattan area electrologists from whom I have actually had the pleasure of actual treatments. With all the people on this site from the NYC area, you would think we would have more information about dozens of good electrologists in that area. Sadly, the participation level of those who have found a good electrologist posting that information here, and in the electrologist referral section is no where near where we would like it to be.

Professional Touch Electrolysis, Inc
Stephanie R. Fracassa, C.P.E.
30 East 40th Street, Suite 801
(between Park and Madison Avenues)
New York, NY 10016


A trans girl passing through Buffalo picking up a quick clearing told me that after blowing through lots of people she found to be lacking, she has stuck with two operators. Now, I must caution that I have not had work by these people, and I can only say that the skin I looked at was in pretty good condition, and I was assured that the equipment used is pretty new. Although the client could not remember exactly what the equipment was, and could not describe it to me well enough for me to assertain what it was, I pass that information on to you for what it is worth.

Hair Today Gone Tomorrow

Kay’s Skin Care

She did not have the phone number of Kay’s, but says it is in the book. Both of these practitioners are in the East Manhattan area.

Whom ever you choose to be your electrologist when you finally decide, please post back here and put the information in the referral section for others to find.