What is the best way to get practice for DIY other than on oneself or a partner? Is there anything I could practice insertions on such as orange, banna, grapes etc. Don’t want my subject to become a pin cushion before I get it right!! Thanks

I like the banana idea for practicing. If you use a banana that is at the stage of ripeness where there are little black dots forming, that would be perfect. Aim for the little black dots with a steady hand over and over. Do not jab it like you are nurse giving an injection, but slowly glide the probe in. Hopefully, your probe is sturdy enough to do this.

Next, you can practice on yourself, using your leg area, WITH NO CURRENT. By doing this, you can then feel if you are inserting reasonally well. Insertions should not be painful. You really should not be able to feel the insertion if it’s a good one. If the insertion is off, you may puncture yourself and cause bleeding.

If you have an electrolysis book(s) that explain insertions, that would be very helpful for you to read and re-read. There is really more to this than I can explain here. Lots of practice, a good eye and a steady hand are the keys to performing near perfect or perfect insertions.

It is rather difficult to do this on oneself depending on the area, so good luck and practice, practice, practice.


Many schools have students work on oranges, becuase they have built in “follicles” in the skin of the fruit. It is also a circle, and will get you used to working on a surface that is not flat.