[PR] New SaniGuard PRO™ Hepatits C disinfectant for salons

July 29, 2004

SaniGuard PRO™ is the Industry’s First Hospital Grade Disinfectant with a Hepatitis C Efficacy Claim

SaniGuard PRO Brush & Comb Tub™ - A one gallon plastic tub for large scale disinfecting, hair removal or sanitary storage of combs and brushes. SaniGuard Tubs provide an attractive design for any station and easy function for maintaining a sanitary service area.

For more information on how SaniGuard Professional Salon Products can help you achieve the ultimate in clean for your salon or spa, please contact David Harried at 608.347.9003, sales@saniguardpro.com or visit us online at http://saniguardpro.com