[PR] Mesotherapy in Miami Beach

Forget the Nip, a Little Lift and Tuck is a Quick Stitch; Cosmetic Procedure Lifts the Face with Needle and Thread
Aug. 16, 2004

The Vitality Institute offers an array of treatments and services including Botox, Mesotherapy, non-surgical face rejuvenation, chemical peels, hair removal, laser services, customized diet and skin care programs as well as correction of facial wrinkles, crow’s feet, frown lines or other facial imperfections with fillers that sculpt and contour the skin. The Vitality Institute has headquarters in Miami Beach, Florida and Dr. Kalil practices at select South Florida facilities in Palm Beach Gardens, Jupiter, and Vero Beach by appointment only.

About Dr. Kalil

Dedicating his practice exclusively to non-surgical cosmetic medicine, Abdala Kalil M.D., http://www.DrKalil.com, is part of a new breed of doctors blazing a trail in the anti-aging industry. He travels to Europe several times a year in order to stay one step ahead on the latest breakthrough non-surgical techniques. He is Board Certified in Internal Medicine and spent five years working in the ER prior to starting The Vitality Institute in 2000 in order to fulfill his true passion of practicing aesthetic medicine.