[PR] Kiwi men can emulate Olympian smoothness

Kiwi Men Aspire To Emulate Olympian Smoothness
16 August 2004

New Zealand-based hair removal specialist Marzena, known for its successful range of women’s hair removal products sold locally and around the world, today announces its first collection of hair removal products developed specifically for male athletes.

The new Zeno products, which go on sale next month, include a specially formulated hair removal lotion, developed for male strength body hair. This lotion is multi-purpose - capable of working equally well on leg and body hair - and takes from as little as five minutes to apply and wash off.

Marzena has also included leg wax strips in the new Zeno product range for men who prefer to wax, removing hair for up to six weeks at a time. The pre-waxed strips can be used anywhere, from team dressing rooms to poolside, without fuss or mess. They have been developed with a generous coating of pine wax, providing maximum grip thickness for men’s larger hands.