I was wondering why more people havent jumped on the new ppx laser. It claims to be pain free, leave no redness, and have better results. all proven by clinical trials. is there something I am missing or is it just too early in the game and it is going to be the next big thing for lasers. Plus, best of all it claims to be cheaper and take less time to do each body part.

sorry I forgot to leave the website so those who havent seen it can take a look.


trials done by the laser manufacturer is not the best source of evaluation – conflict of interest there. have only seen on post from someone who’s tried it because they’re considering buying it for a clinic, but no results after 1 treatment. he was told there was a manufacturer defect in that specific machine…so we’ll see. other than that, there have been no reports from actual consumers on the forums, so too early to recommend.

It is a new piece of equipment that is probably not in a lot of places. If I was in the business and had a good machine such as the LightSheer, CoolGlide, or GentleLase, I would more than likely stay with these before jumping in to something else. These things cost lots of bucks and changing or adding new equipment isn’t as easy as changing socks.