Potomac: Hair Free Electrolysis, LLC

<strong>Hair Free Electrolysis, LLC</strong><br>
<em>Mona Wexler, LE, CPE and Associates</em><br>
<P> <em>Air Rights Building</em><br>
7315 Wisconsin Avenue<br>
Suite 255 East<br>
Bethesda, MD 20814<br>
(301) 986-4986 / f. (301) 986-4182
<P><em>Totally Polished</em><br>
7713 Tuckerman Lane<br>
Potomac, Maryland 20854<br>
(301) 299-3672<br>
e-mail: info@iamhairfree.com<br>
website: www.iamhairfree.com<br>
<B>Office Hours:</B><BR>
Day, Evening, and Saturday by Appointment

<B>Description of Practice:</B>
<P align=“center”> <strong>Feel the Freedom of Permanent Hair Removal</strong><br>
<strong>“We get results”</strong><br>
Mona Wexler,LE,CPE and Associates<br>
Stacy Grant,LE,LPN and Carol Babiskin,LE,CPE<br>
Established 1983<br>
[li] FREE Consultation and Sample Treatment<br>[/li] </li>
[li] Modalities: Thermolysis, Multi-needle Galvanic, Blend<br>[/li] </li>
[li] Insulated, Disposable needles<br>[/li] </li>
[li] We treat teenagers, women and men in our private, professional setting<br>[/li] </li>
[li] Member: American Electrology Association (AEA); Maryland Association of [/li] Professional Electrologists (MAPE)<br>
[li] Near METRO red line, 1 block south of Bethesda stop</li>[/li][/LIST]
<p>For more information and testimonials, check out our website at www.iamhairfree.com<br>