post-treatment skin care

Well, after 15yrs of biweekly plucking and waxing, I finally decided to start an electrolysis treatment for my upper lip.

I just had my first session (15min., I can’t remember the type of machine). It seems pretty baby-ish compared to what some of the people posting on this forum have dscribed, but I was still wondering how best to treat my tender skin and prevent scarring and breakouts.

The woman I saw today spread some cortozone (sp?) lotion on my upper lip after the treatment. She also recommented Cetaphil followed by Neosporin.

Thoughts on this advice? An hour afterwards, I’m doing great so far. Just a little redness and numbess, both of which seem to be rapidly disappearing. I just want to minimize the chances of breaking out and scarring.

What she suggests is fine. I prefer Tea Tree oil to neosporin. When you wash your face, do so gently. If any scabs appear, do not pick and ask the electrogist to adjust the setting next time.

Cortizone is an anti-inflamatory. Cetaphil is a hypoallergenic cleanser and it’s pretty good. Neosporin has antibiotics to prevent infection - you don’t need it after 24 hrs. Some ppl are allergic to Neosporin, and while experiencing an alergic reaction, they think it’s the healing process from the treatment.
The idea is to keep it clean and dry. From what you describe it seems like you’re in good shape. My wife doesn’t use anything at all (except, maybe, whitch hasle right after) and she heals just fine, usually withing a few hrs.

P.S. With such skin reaction, you’re not in danger of scarring. Unless, of course, you cause it yourself by picking at the scabs (if you get any) or getting the area infected (very unlikely).