Post Treatment pics

Here are some pictures after my first treatment with a Syneron Galaxy (I think). I have Type III-IV skin. The night of the treatment into the next day I became really red and even blistered some. The redness gradually decreased over the next week. I’m now at 4 weeks out and have lost some hair in the middle and some on the left has thinned a little. The area on the right seems to have been unaffected.

If you look at the 1 day post treatment pics where I am red, you can see that there are some aread which didn’t turn red. Interestingly, as I look back at those pics, the areas that didn’t turn red are the ones that lost the hair. Very odd.

Are these results typical or should I have expected everything to fall out?


Here is Post Treatment Day 1. I think the color is a little more severe in this pic than it was in real life.

Here is a more life like version.

Here is my neck at 4 weeks post treatment.

Here is a close up:

Wow! Thanks for posting those pictures! Very interesting! Your first picture looks very painful! Please keep posting pictures of your future post treatments!

Hi snareman.
Your reaction to the laser seems to be very bad. I do not think that you are supposed to become like that after every treatmen - really. They must have had to high fluence. Did they tell you that the colour changes will heal?

Given the amount of redness and blistering that you had, I would have expected more hair reduction. You did make some progress though.

I prefer the Nd:YAG laser for the beard. It is not so hard on the skin, and that is important for the beard area, because the hairs are so dense (close together) and coarse.

Your subsequent treatments will probably not be so hard as the hair goes away. As the remaining hair becomes less and the hairs are thinner, higher fluences can be used eventually.

Keep us posted. I think you’ll be OK. You should consider the YAG if they are available in your area.