Post treatment care to heal faster

I was wondering what I could do to speed up the healing process (usually 7-10 days after treatment) and speed up shedding if possible.

The treated area is my face, so it’s quite important for me to start looking presentable again ASAP.

I apply polysporin 3 times a day, any other things I can do to speed up skin healing and hair shedding?

aloe vera is good. I put it on twice daily. to speed up shedding, scrub gently with a loofa in the shower.

If you want to speed up shedding, don’t shave. That’s what I’ve found. Usually at the three week mark I’ll go a few days without shaving. Then I scrub hard in the shower. This is the best way I know.

Don’t scrub or use a loofa if you have any scabs or blisters. Using Aquaphor right after the treatment will minimize scabbing and speed up the healing.


I have to say, one of the hardest things about laser treatments on the face is getting used to looking like you have some sort of skin disease for about a week or 2 after each treatment.

Today is my second day and my treated area looks like it has pimples all over it.

Usually laser facilities have a post treatment care package for you. What did they give you to use? What were their instuctions?

The best OTC laser post treatment care products that I know of are from ACUTE DERM, Texas. They have an E2 Serum and a reCOVER POST OP LASER GEL. If you have trouble locating them, send me a message.