Post treatment antibacterial topicals

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I often get tiny zits post treatment. These don’t bother me too much, since they go away within a few days. However, I also get these stubborn red bumps that take FOREVER, to drain. Are these inflamed follicles? Can anyone comment on the use of hydrogen peroxide or other antibacterial ointments that can be used on normal/slightly oily skin for prevention and as a spot treatment? Up until now I have only been using witch hazel, but it may be time to add something more.


Blend Electrolysis on face for 5 months (roughly 90 minute treatments every week) already. Still get coarse hairs but hair is much finer too!!! I’d say 30-40% reduction so far.

Can you post some pictures?

The link didn’t work for me.

When you indicate that it takes forever to heal,
would you be more specific in terms of time, ex.:
how does the tissue look immediately after treatment…
how does it look 2 days after, 1 week after, etc.

Is the healing consistently slow or is it better sometimes?

Do you have a tendency to touch the treatment area?

You tell us that you have oily skin and that might turn out to be critical information. Have you ever tried the following:
Apply a warm wash cloth to your skin immediately following treatment. This will keep the oils flowing which in oily skin types, tends to be good.
Although witch hazel is a great suggestion following electrolysis, it might be constricting your pores.

Some facilities have an ultraviolet towel warmer (UTW) and these towels would be ideal to apply to the skin. If there is no UTW, see if the towel can be heated in a microwave or if water can be heated on a stovetop and then applied to the towel. I suggest distilled water. Also, the towel should be warm, not hot.

Please let us know if this helps.

Another suggestion would be to apply, in small dabs with a cotton swab, tea tree oil, pharmaceutical grade to the treated area for three nights after a treatment. This would be superior over antibiotic creams. Do a test run and see how it works for you.


Hello Arlene,

Healing is pretty good. Within a couple of hours of treatment 70% of redness is gone. I tend to get tiny heat blisters every now and then but those are gone within 3-4 days, so no biggie. I’m pretty healed by the next day in fact. What happens often is I get these stubborn inflamed follicles. Maybe one, sometimes 2. They look like tiny red zits, except they are not so tender to the touch and don’t really surface and drain like a zit. So I am guessing it’s folliculitis. Trouble is they take over 2 weeks to drain on their own. In the past I have just squeezed them out myself, but since I leave an aweful red mark, I have just opted to go to an esthetician. I have been recommended to apply ice over the area after treatment to close the pores and prevent infection, following by warm compresses the next day. I tried the ice yesterday, I think it may have worked. I am doing the warm Epsom salt compresses today. Interestingly, my skin is not that oily, just slightly, in fact, more normal on the cheek area where I am getting electrolysis. I don’t get them that often so I am looking into a good spot treatment. I tried tea tree oil and honestly, it doesn’t do much except irritate my skin even more. I am sticking to hydrogen peroxide and witch hazel post treatment.

It would be very kind of you to keep us posted as to how your current post treatment plan is working for you.

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So, prior to treatment: Witch hazel with 14% alcohol to cleanse the skin

Immediately after treatment: Hydrogen peroxide followed by cold aloe vera gel (to close pores) and tea tree oil

Night of treatment: hydrogen peroxide with alcohol-free witch hazel and tea tree oil (no washing or moisturizer)

Morning after: Wash with gentle soap and follow with hydrogen peroxide and witch hazel no moisturizer

Second night: Epsom salt warm water compresses followed by the same morning treatment.

No breakouts :smiley: – an it was a 2 hour treatment! At this point I would know (usually by the first day I can tell).

The epsom salt compresses really seem to have helped with the follicle infection from last week (brought both to a head) although I am not squeezing!!!. I also spot treat with fusidic acid cream right after I wash my face( got this from my derm)


3 treatments of 2 hours each on face --NO BREAKOUTS…hydrogen peroxide, tea tree and pure aloe vera (cold) seem to be working wonders :slight_smile:

Email any questions