Post shedding period

Had bk, sh, up arms on Jan 6th. Hair coming in again. Definitely thinner and less dense. Just looking for an affirmation on what is happening. When hairs start growing again they come in thinner, over time do these follicles slide back to full strength( after a few anagen/tel/cat stages) or do they remain thin?
What are the normal time/stage lengths for bk, sh, up arm for a guy? I know the info is here somewhere but too lazy to search for it.
It is very positive the experience I’ve had thus far. Full shedding of all areas(if that counts for anything) and much thinner growth after 1 treatment at quite low joules.
After 5 treatments I’ll tell the whole story, good or bad.

Sounds to me that if you had your treatment on January 6th and are now starting to see thin hairs growing, I think those hairs will be the new crop, not hair that are in the process of shedding. The shedding should have already been completed by now. So, you might start planning ahead for the next treatment as the hairs that you are beginning to see are in the active stage.

Thanks-Now say I were to let these new crop of hair grow, complete a cycle of growing, stasis, normal shed(no laser), would the next growth be thicker, and then thicker, until back to where I started?
Does this initial thin mean permanent thin or will the follicle recover and become strong again…do you get what I mean? Thanks.

this is new hair that was dormant before.

OK-now your freaking me out…all this thin stuff popping out is new growth that wasn’t there before, in addition to the old hair that is either killed or has not yet started to sprout up again?

i meant, hair grows in cycles. at any one time, only at MOST 30% is in active growing phase, the rest is dormant. that’s why you need at least 6-8 treatments to kill all hairs in growing phase. after shedding, you have a hairfree period, then hair that was dormant before starts coming in. that’s when you go in for your next treatment, etc. until you have reached diminishing returns.

No, this isn’t new hair. It is hair that has been there but “sleeping” (i.e. dormant). As LAgirl says, your hair has cycles to it. You do shed hair continuously as your hair follicle turns dormant and each hair kinda acts on its own. This is one of the reasons why you want to space your treatments around 8 weeks apart - it tends to get your hairs in synch with each other so your treatments become more effective.

I don’t know what your age is but this could be a factor. The younger you are, the more dormant follicles that you have that become active as you get older. When a person reaches puberty, especially in males, hair follicles on the body and face start becoming active. For males, this will continue until the 30s – perhaps a tad bit longer in some. So, if you are still young, some of those hair popping up MIGHT be “new” hairs but chances are, they would be popping out whether or not you had a laser treatment.

Ah, thanks for the explanation. Ok-now I can breath again:)
I forgot about those dormant before the first treatment. I am a 34yr male so hopefully most has grown already and laser will send me over the hill smooth.

yea, as far as dormant hair goes, is it plausable to hair laser hair removal then a few years down the road a total regrowth off dormant hair returns…and your back to where your started.
Or would it be more along the lines of a simple touch up.

For teh youngins. i.e. me

technically, “dormant” hair doesn’t “return”. what you would see is hair that was NEVER active become activated over a period of time. this should be a gradual process though, so yes, you would need touch-ups 1-2 times a year for those. but you shouldn’t see the exact amount of hair as you started with since this is a gradual process and you should remove most of what you start with during the initial treatments.