Post-Laser Paradoxical Growth Seeking Electrolysis

Hello, I am deeply saddened to have found this forum too late.

I am a Middle Eastern woman in my 20s, Fitzpatrick Skin Type I-II with the darkest black hair - a “perfect candidate for laser”. My mother effectively forced me to get laser on my face, even though I did not want to. I want to document my journey here now and seek solace, advice.

I performed laser with the Lumenis Lightsheer device, a diode laser. I have documented photographs showing the paradoxical growth progress with time. ( I am uncomfortable to share at this stage).
I was told to book 4 sessions, and for the first two sessions, instead of using the proper precision “XC” head on the device, the technician used the large-surface head intended for body at a level of 7/8 joules on my face, chin, and lower neck. All of these hairs were fuzzy vellus hairs, they have since turned terminal, coarse, dark. The first session was January 2022, the final fourth session was this past week, July 2022.

I actually was well aware of paradoxical growth PRIOR to getting my face layered. Against my judgement and concerns, my mother and the laser technician labeled me as crazy, overreacting. Prior to the final session I showed her images of the paradoxical regrowth, she switched the technique to use the XC precision head, as opposed to the large-surface head.

I have already reported it to the FDA. Just want to reach out here because I am lonely in my journey.

I’m so sorry to hear you experienced that :frowning: definitely look into electrolysis if you can. I have had so many of my electrolysis clients say they have experienced this reaction after laser and it’s incredibly unfortunate.

Just know there is hope!! I’ll see if I can find a pic to show you and example of what electrolysis can do for paradoxical hypertrichosis

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Please do send pictures I will greatly appreciate it. I am just suddenly coming to the actualization of what has happened and realizing all the more time and effort and mental upset I will have to deal with now.

I help clients who have experienced such growth nearly consistently in my practise in Ottawa. A few stick out in my mind for sure. I can absolutely tell you that electrolysis can and will ,when done properly, permanently destroy that hair and leave no trace of it’s existence or the process. It will not be a fast, nor an inexpensive, nor easy thing to do but this kind of growth is eliminated every single day with proven results. Electrolysis is the way to go!

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I feel so overwhelmed because it is bittersweet to finally hear from a large community like this. I only wish I had found it sooner. I appreciate your response and reassurance. I am now looking to take legal action on the clinic because my paradoxical is INSANE – I am so mortified

Paradoxical hair growth is a “cop-out!”

The term paradoxical, of course, has the connotation of not being the norm and without explanation … and the opposite of the intention.

At this point, hair growth from laser is no longer paradoxical: so unusual that it’s baffling. I think it’s time for the laser industry to “come clean” … figure out what’s happening and make the findings clear to all perspective clients. Indeed, smoking cigarettes and lung cancer was also “paradoxical,” until millions of bodies started piling up.

If a laser clinic does not disclose “laser-induced hair growth” (what it should be called at this point), that should be considered malpractice. It’s not rare or unheard of … there are thousands of cases of laser induced hair growth. All risks must be disclosed with every procedure performed on a human. We do it all the time.

Lawsuit: be sure to check the documents you signed. You MIGHT have signed away your rights. Medical laser establishments are usually way ahead of their patients and have lawyers design paperwork to protect them from legal action. I just finished up a situation with UCLA health and will discuss it if you’d like to hear MY sad tale?


Hi! I might need to provide links to pics because I’m having a hard time getting them into this comment…

IG electrolysis for laser hair stimulation client


Excellent video; excellent work

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I’m really sorry to hear this. It makes me really sad because it’s the exact same thing that happened to me a few years ago. Please stop the laser treatments immediately. I lost all my confidence and it effected my mental health really badly but I thankfully got my life back with electrolysis. It was a slow and painful process. I’m 6 years into it now and only need to go every few months to get the thick dark hairs. It will be worth it I promise.

Also just a warning, I’ve had laser hair removal on various parts of my body and noticed a similar effect on some body parts so please be very careful if you plan to get more laser done in future.

For comparison purposes I’m south Asian, skin type iv and was being treated with an nd yag laser

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Thank you for your words. I also am experiencing it on my upper arms, of course they are telling me to come back to “fix it”. Of course I will not go back. Thank you for your kind words and taking the time to show me I am not alone!

Amazing! Thank you for this

I did sign a release form but to my memory the form did NOT mention paradoxical hair growth, only burns. The risk is also not disclosed on their website, I also mentioned it to them prior to treatment and it was brushed off!

I would LOVE to hear your tale, please share, this is all I think about these days…

The COVID vaccine gave me heart inflammation (now resolved). In March I went to the new UCLA Health cardiologist in Santa Barbara for a check-up. The nurse did an EKG (takes a few minutes), took my blood pressure and all was normal. I met the doctor for a few minutes and he said to come back in a few months.

My “free” Medicare health insurance costs me $450 per month … and they do pay well. However, the bill for my very short appointment with UCLA was $1200! Then I got a menacing note from the doctor, that I needed to pay another $185. So, I paid it … However, I checked, and my insurance had already paid the $185 and now, well, “just try to get your money back!”

The point being that too many medical establishments are ONLY about MONEY … FLEECING the insurance companies and breaking the system. Your laser outfit’s main concern is producing revenue and to hell with the health and welfare of the patient. And we want “socialized medicine?” No! We need to bring costs down and pay those that actually provide service.

A friend just did a “heart scan” at our local hospital and the charge was $38,000. So, I guess I’m lucky?


Its crazy how easy it is to accept payment, but so easy for them to talk or take accountability when things go wrong! Im so sorry this happened to you, im glad to hear its resolved now! Life is rough and tough

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