Post-Laser Itchiness??


Two weeks ago I had my first treatment (bikini and underarms) with the Candela Gentlelase - the initial swelling and redness wore off after a few days but now I am noticing a lot of itchiness in the treated areas. :confused:

Has anyone else experienced this?? It’s driving me a little crazy- and I can’t look great scratching my underarms all the time either!

Any and all replies greatly appreciated!


I amagine that it is probaly dry skin. Didn’t they recommend you use a moisturiser for the first few days?
Use something for extremely dry skin or aloe works great!


Try seching the achives by typing in the words “itchy” or “itchyness”. You might find more info.


Thank you both for the quick responses!

I tried a search on the boards, but didn’t come up with anything.

Also, I’ve been very diligent about using a rich moisturizer on at least my bikini area (although not the underarms as much I confess) but it hasn’t helped at all. Maybe my skin just reacts strangely to the laser…

thanks again!


I just did a search with the word “itchy” and found 7 threads on the Laser section. I bet there a some more on the Electrolysis section.