Post Laser Hair Removal - Help!!

I went today to have laser hair removal done on my chest and stomach. I have had probably about 10-12 treatments over the past two years. All with no problems whatsoever.

Today, however, I went to a new place (because I’ve recently relocated) and it didn’t go as smoothly as normal. I have red burns/discoloration all over. This has never happened before. I’ve attached a picture so you all can see what I mean.

I’m worried that they will cause permanent damage or pigmentation. Any ideas on what I should do?

Hello - I wouldnt like to comment on what this is! I’m no expert but it doesnt look permanent to me - it looks just like the skin irritation experience when I epilate. Maybe put some aloe vera on to help soothe it?

It looks like a superficial burn, i.e. settings too high for your skin type. You should bring this up with the clinic. It’s not permanent, but may take several months to go away for good.

Contact the clinic about proper aftercare. You should treat it as you would other burns.

p.s. 10-12 treatments is a lot. What’s your goal? How coarse is the remaining hair? Laser can’t remove 100%. You may be wasting money at this point.

Thanks for the quick replies!

I had the procedure at 10:30am today. When I got home I slathered on aloe vera and kept cold washcloths on it for about two hours. I decided to go back to the clinic at about 2:00.

The RN said that they aren’t burns, but rather slight pigmentation. She called them octopus feet. I asked her if they would be permanent and she said no, but they may take some time to fade. She gave me some Bio-Cream from NeoCutis (bio-restorative skin cream with PSP, anti-aging, post-procedure) and told me to apply it as often as possible (up to six times a day) and that should help lift the pigmentation out faster.

LAgirl, I had really course, dense, black hair before I started laser hair removal two years ago. It was like a carpet from my neck down. I still have a sparse covering of black hair that I just trim for awhile and then just do touch-up laser treatments. Part of the 10-12 treatments were also for my lower back. So a bit less just for the front. I didn’t need the technician to laser the entire front of me today, but I guess she wanted to be thorough.

Now that it’s been about seven hours since I’ve had the procedure done, the spots just look like purplish-red dots all over. I’ve attached another picture. The picture makes them seem more red than they are. They have more of a purple tint. I’m just hoping the Bio-Cream works fast because it looks disgusting!

Would anyone recommend something else to use that may work to get rid of the pigmentation?

call me at 212-750-2000. I want to ask you questions and based on the answers, I can help.

hi if you look at my post you can see my burns Are you in pain? I would really go to a doctor have him document it , take pictures. Just incase you need to seek legal advice if its going to be there for a while. But first go to doctor so he can at least have it on file.

I’m sorry to see this.

Were you treated with LightSheer?

Pictures like this are disturbing for a few reasons, one the obvious that you shouldn’t have that reaction, but two, technically you should be red like that all over. Everywhere you’re white is spots that they missed and didn’t treat.

Also as LAGirl said, 10-12 is a lot, you should be done around 6-8 in general otherwise your hair type is probably not suitable for laser.

If the hair is no longer coarse and dense, more treatments will probably not help. Electrolysis may be a better investment if you’re still not happy with the reduction, but the hair is too fine.

Straight pigmentation is usually just darkening of the skin. This looks like a superficial burn to be that may crust. But do give Chris a call since he offered. He can help more than me.

I really appreciate everyone’s input. I did call Chris and he was very helpful and reassuring. I wasn’t sure what type of laser was used on me, but I described it to Chris and I believe he thought it was a Gentle Laser at 24-26 joules.

I just got back from the doctor’s office. I asked about Silvadene (Chris suggested it), but the doctor didn’t want me to use it. She gave me a prescription for Methylprednisolone and told me to keep polysporin on it. I’m not sure if that will be more effective, or if the Bio-Cream will be. I’ve just been reapplying the Bio-Cream for now.

It sucks that this happened, but I thought this would be a routine visit because I had done laser removal before, and because I had researched this place and found it to be reputable. I guess not.

I’m going to be done with laser for a long time now. I’m satisfied with my previous results and there’s really no need to take chances like this again. I know it’s going to take a long time to clear up, but as long as it clears up completely I’ll be okay.

I’ll post some more pics tomorrow so you guys can see how it’s doing. Thanks again everyone!

With the laser, would it fire a pulse, they lift it from your skin move it to another area it fires, they lift move it etc? Or did they have ultrasound gel on you and glide it across you? Just looks more like squares than circles. It’s annoying though because look at your left side (right side in the pic) how much more coverage that got than the other side!

There was no gel involved (I have had that done once in the past, but my dermatologist deemed it not as effective). It pulsed and was lifted as it went along. The picture may look like squares, but they are circles in person.

I completely agree with the coverage! It’s horrible! What I couldn’t understand though was the fact that the entire area didn’t need to be done. It was mainly the middle of my chest, around my nipples, my bellybutton, and my lower stomach. The technician saw where the hair was because I purposely left it untrimmed so she could see. In fact, when she started to go over my sides, I laughed and told her there was no hair there.

From what I was told on the phone it was an Elite with air cooling and no gel. A slight tan and high energies would have done this.

Please do post some pictures tomorrow and in three months, six months and nine months. This will be a very valuable thread if consumers can see how this turns out long term. Be well.

It looks like a light burn to me too. It will possibly peel a little like a sunburn, but I see no reason why it won’t fade eventually. I agree that you need electrolysis from now on. You’ve already had enough treatments to get all you’re gonna get from a laser.

I agree with edokid about the missed spots. Every time I see these burn patterns, my thoughts are usually more interested in any large areas that were clearly missed. Like, I actually am ANNOYED that one of your pecs isn’t burned as much as the other one. I guess it’s my OCD. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s just stupid because how can one miss that much on the left pec!

I should note as well, the technician did other spots, like the indent in my throat, upper chest, and middle of chest. These areas didn’t get burned/pigmented. So I’m not sure why some spots did, and others didn’t.

Here’s a 24-hour update:

I don’t think the spots are burns, they aren’t raised, painful, scabby, or sensitive. They look to be light reddish-brown freckles. I can even stretch them like normal skin and have really no discomfort.

Aside from my time spent sleeping, I’ve been reapplying the Bio-Cream every few hours. I had no problem sleeping on my stomach as well.

The spots seems to be fading slightly, as seen below.

Here’s a closer look at the 7-hour and 24-hour difference.

7 Hours Later >> 24 Hours Later

So as it looks for now, they are going away. I have a feeling though that it was just the rest of the inflammation settling down. I’m pretty sure I’m going to be left with little dots of suntan everywhere for a long while.

I’d just like to say thanks again for all of the support here. I have to admit, when I got home yesterday and realized something just wasn’t right, I teared up a little bit with nerves. I think I’d be in a bit of a tizzy if I hadn’t found this forum!

Yeah, they are definitely fading, whatever they are. If they are definitely 100% not burns, I wouldn’t keep using any sort of anti-bacterial cream or anti-biotics (like the polysporin or prescription). If there’s no risk of infection, then you’re just taking unnecessary risks with those meds and hurting your ability to fight future infections.

Normally for hyperpigmentation I’d say just use a skin lightener over the next few months, but apparently this is fading on it’s own much faster than that, so I’d just sit tight and not do anything for now.

If it gets itchy or swollen, you can apply a corticosteroid cream maybe (briefly), but no need for anything super fancy or expensive at the moment.

So it’s been 48 hours now and here are this morning’s pictures.

A comparison, 24 Hours >> 48 Hours

There’s not much of a difference in the way they look, but I’m beginning to think they are more of a mix of burns and pigmentation. When I got in the shower yesterday, it was sensitive like a sunburn, but still not painful. They feel like smooth skin though. There’s no irritation, dryness, or scabbing. When I stretch my skin some of the spots disappear (become the same color as my normal skin), while others remain a light brown pigment almost resembling a faint birthmark.

Today they just look more brown than red. Like the skin has a really deep suntan. I think some of them may end up peeling, but some look like they will just fade.

I’m still putting on the Bio-Cream as much as possible. I’m not sure how well it’s working though.

Does anyone have any suggestions for some type of skin lightener or emulsifier to get rid of the spots faster? Also, would it be a good idea to start exfoliating with a loofa in the shower to speed up the process, or is it too early for that?

Are you taking any drugs that make you photosensitive? That would explain a lot actually.

Don’t exfoliate until you are sure they are healed, whatever they are. Loofahs are filled with bacteria and you could give yourself a serious infection to boot.

If it’s melanin/ pigmentation, then you can get some hydroquinone. Or a prescription for tri-luma which has hydroquinone in it as well as retinol. It will take a few months to work (only goes as fast as your skin renews itself). There are more gentle options out there as well but they aren’t going to be as effective and may take longer.

I use hydroquinone called Porcelana, and it works well and isn’t super expensive. You can buy it on ebay or something. Just be really careful with where you apply it so you don’t lighten the normal skin too, and be aware that you are going to need a lot of it to treat your whole torso twice a day for months.

This is going to sound VERY ironic, but if it ends up being pigmentation, you can have it removed with another laser (probably an IPL actually). It should be easy and quick and your clinic might even do it for free if they have the machine for it.

My best friend’s first treatment was with GentleLASE, he’s Asian so darker pigment. He had similar marks on him on his stomach that he had treated, almost identical actually. I remember it took just over a month or so for them to finally disappear.