Post Home Electrolysis


I purchased a home electrolysis unit and did my first treatment three days ago on my bikini area. The pain was tolerable but now I have scabs and small blood blisters. The scabs I am less worried about - - I imagine they will go away. But I am concerned about the blood blisters - did I have the machine turned too high, did I do something wrong??? And then has anyone experienced this type of symptom and did they go away without scarring? I am very fair skinned with dark coarse hair.


Tiny scabs are pretty common and should resolve to a pinhole-sized white dot in time. No one will notice it if you did the insertion and treatment right.

Blood blisters or bruising can be caused by improper insertions. It’s possible to insert the probe too deep and penetrate the bottom of the follicle. When done properly, the probe slides into the follicle and does not penetrate the bottom.

A good way to judge depth of insertion is to grasp a hair in the area with tweezers, right at the skin’s surface. After you pluck it, keep it in the tweezers and look at how deep it is from the root to the edge of your tweezers. Now take the electrolysis probe and put it next to the hair to get a sense of how far in the probe should go.

Home electrolysis definitely takes practice and can cause skin damage if done wrong. I recommend trying it out in a small area at a time until you get the hang of it. Keep us posted on your progress!


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