Post-First Treatment Question

I got a test spot done on my upper arm, where there is little tanning. I think the machine was at 15 joules. I don’t remember what model the machine was. Anyways, its been 8 days since that treatment, and I have seen no hair loss.

One thing that concerned me is that the technician did not shave the hair at the treatment site. I think I read that treating a site with full length hair is always ineffective. Am I remembering this correctly?

Should I have experienced hair loss this soon after treatment? The technician was super cool, and she pretty much gave me free treatment on my upper arm, so I really want to go back to this person.

  • Joules don’t mean anything without knowing what machine it is. We also need to know pulse width and spot size. Though 15J would have been too low on any machine out there.

  • Upper arm hair is usually not coarse enough for laser. Can you post a photo? This area is also prone to induced growth, so you have to be very careful about treating it in general.

  • Shedding happens within 3 weeks. It sounds like you haven’t waited long enough. But with those settings, there is a bigger issue at hand here.

I was just guessing with the setting. I didn’t look too closely at the machine.

I don’t have any pictures right now because I don’t have a camera. Can I send you them to you in a private message, early next week?

Can you elaborate about the laser inducing hair growth?

Sure. Upload them to and post or send links.

Laser can make finer and vellus hair become more coarse. It’s not recommended to treat areas or spots with that type of hair, especially on the areas you’re having your treatments. That’s a common side effect on those areas.


I can’t send you a private message because you are over your limit. Here is a link to my photos

These are one photo of my thigh, one of my back, and two of my upper arm. From left to right, the photos are, arm, back, arm, thigh. Which pictures have course enough hair to be treated, and which of those areas is not prone to hair growth due to laser treament?

I see 4 photos and none of the hair is coarse or dense or dark enough for laser. You need electrolysis for this type of hair.

Yes,Those are relatively sparse growths, and a good electrologist would not take long to clear these up, preferably using picoflash.