Post electrolysis question

After a treatment with electrolysis, Blend, what should one avoid right after?

In particular if I had an electrolysis appointment in the morning and then went to my massage therapist in the afternoon would the oils be a bad idea?

I think you should avoid touching the area, because it has a lot of small wounds and it could ger infected. You could break out with a bunch of small painful pustules, for example. Also avoid direct sun. I’m surprised that your electrologist did not instruct you on post-treatment.

One wants to keep the area clean and dry post treatment.

Things like a massage, or a trip to the sauna, or jaccuzzi would risk infection, or pigmentation.

The massage might be ok if your massage theripist used an aloe product in place of oil while wearing gloves, but most don’t do either.

Sauna and Jaccuzzi expose the skin to salt from the sweat, and possibly germs from other people.

In defense of the electrologist, we tell our clients lots of things in that consultation, and much of it either goes over their heads, their eyes glaze over, and or they just forget.

I had one bikini client who managed to forget that I had said that drinking coffee (or any caffinated beaverage) was not a good idea the day of the electrolysis appointment and had made a visit to Starbuck’s twice that day. When we had to stop the appointment due to excess sensation, there was nothing I could say to prove that I had already mentioned this very reaction as a contraindication.

I still have clients who smear on make-up saying, “Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know you have to say that” while I am reminding them NOT to put makeup on after an electrolysis treatment. :roll_eyes:

Now when they come down with an infection from this practice, I am the one who will have to pay legal fees to defend against their vanity. :angry: